On Being An Amateur

“That’s all any of us are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.” 

–Charlie Chaplin

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Say this with me: I am an amateur.

I show up each day ready to playfully take risks and discover my blissful way to create in the world. 

I don’t have to worry about being judged or have any expectations whatsoever. 

I trust that what I need to thrive will show up with perfect timing as long as I creatively serve others. 

And I promise to get up and be an amateur again tomorrow. 

(Excerpted from, How to Live A Perfectly Flawed Life at http://www.shereekeys.com/books)

Creatively Yours,

Sheri McConnell 2012

Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker, Painter

16 Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

16 Paths Women Find, Explore, and Own Their Power

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Did you know that I compiled a book years ago for quote lovers everywhere?!

I wrote it especially for women writers and women business owners who were always opening up quote books only to find quotes by men who were long gone.

I wanted a book where I could relate to the other women and find quotes on experiences I was having and still have.

So I set out to finds quotes by women and for women that also were purposeful in our lives. 

What I created was 16 different paths that women find their creative power… and then I compiled wisdom from women all over the world.

AND today, I am selling a PDF version of this book for only $10!

Take a look at the table of contents below to see the 16 paths… I know you will love this book, it is one of my favorites out of the 8 books I have and I hear from women all the time that it is one of their favorites too!

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Here is the table of contents for The Women’s Book of Powerful Quotations (a #1 Amazon Bestseller by the way)

Women Feel Powerful When They … 

Chapter 1 – Are Courageous

Chapter 2 – Are Creative

Chapter 3 – Are Evolving

Chapter 4 – Are Facing My Fears

Chapter 5 – Are Genuine

Chapter 6 – Are Grateful

Chapter 7 – Are Helping Others

Chapter 8 – Are Passionate

Chapter 9 – Are Persistent

Chapter 10 – Are Spiritual

Chapter 11 – Are Validated

Chapter 12 – Lead a Balanced Life

Chapter 13 – Listen To & Follow My Intuition

Chapter 14 – Seek Solitude

Chapter 15 – Take Risks

Chapter 16 – Write From My Heart

Foreword by Gayle Brandeis, Author of The Book of Dead Birds and Fruitflesh – Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write 

Women feel powerful when they are being creative, following their hearts, embracing the muse, taking risks, doing what matters most, seeking solitude, leading a balanced life, facing their fears, evolving, and so much more. Each of the sixteen chapters in this collection illustrate a particular path to exploring, finding, and owning your personal power.

The hope is to help women realize the undeniable feminine power they possess in The Smart Women’s Book of Powerful Quotations. As you read the quotes in this book, you will be able to discover not only where your feminine power originates, but also how to encourage other women to find their power. Remember, anytime a person is enlightened-they become more powerful-and they become an asset to all of humanity. One way to use this book is for writing prompts to jumpstart your creativity.

Powerful words from powerful women are meant to be shared-use a quote in a speech or presentation to inspire others. Or just read the quotes to give yourself the mental push you need to get through a dark time or to complete a goal. “As women, we find power not when we are dominating others, but when we are in authentic relationship with others, when we are true to ourselves and our passions. Female power is a creative and nurturing force. It is not a fist. It is an open hand that can write, that can sculpt, that can dance, that can heal, that knows how to both give and receive.

Sheree has compiled hundreds of quotes that explore and illuminate the female experience of power, and in doing so, has given us a powerful gift. May you find inspiration, affirmation, and, yes, empowerment within these pages.

Click here to purchase our quote book for only $10 or if you want all 8 of my books (plus all my future books for free!) maybe you should join my Lifetime Book Club (one fee-lifetime access) for just $75.


Creatively Yours,

Sheri McConnell 2012

Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker, Painter

How to Ride the Waves of a Mid-Life Catharsis

June 8, 2015

Weekly Transformation 

How to Ride the Waves of a Mid-Life Catharsis

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I am working with a friend and new client who is at a place in life (mid-life CATHARSIS time!) where he knows he needs to exit from current career (he has known it for a while), BUT it pays well and he has a family to take care of and so he feels paralyzed and burned out.

Sound familiar? It does to me. I was just there a few years ago. And I had an amazing business and life at the time. BUT still, I had been pushing so hard for two decades, I needed rest. 

So what is a grown ass adult with a mortgage to do in this situation?

Here is what I did and what I told him as well as other countless clients over the years. 

Hopefully it will help you when your mid-life catharsis arives. 

Be Grateful for This Time of Confusion

You are definitely in a soul searching place. Congratulations on listenting to the voice inside you that said it is time for a change.

Some questions to ask yourself to figure out what is next are: 

 – What did you love to do when you were little? 

 – What would you do every day for happiness if money were not in the equation?

But Money Is Part of the Equation

Now, I know money is part of the equation, but we all have to figure out our happy place of passion first and then we can go about monetizing it into a business or even doing the passion in someone else’s business.

Think of This as a Time for Realignment Now That You are Older and Wiser

Most of us have been brought up to put the money first in our lives. 

We believe often very consciously that making money at a passion isn’t possible.

This belief blocks people and leaves them feeling paralyzed and burned out. 

The first step I suggest for people is having a “in the meantime” job that you can handle that allows you more freedom than current job and still pays the basic bills.

This type of job is perfectly flawed while you figure it all out and research your options.

Option 1, working for another in new passion or Option 2, starting a business in the new passion.

Either way, good look and let the catharsis begin!

Creatively Yours,

Sheri McConnell 2012

Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker, Painter

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Hello Beautiful Souls!

This is a quick courtesy email to let you know that in 10 days (July 1), I will never offer my Sweet Spot Coaching program ever again. I have 12 high-level clients this year in this program and also the next one above this program called the Quantum Leap Program

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arrow_right_11-20110809174217-000221 LIVE or VIRTUAL Strategic Planning Day

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Implementation Phase

arrow_right_11-20110809174217-00022Network Building Academy Curriculum *30 Workbooks/Videos*

Every coaching client receives the Network Building Academy Video/Workbook Self-Paced Program. This program is the foundation curriculum that Sheree will refer you to as she coaches you in this program. These 30 videos and workbooks cover everything you need to know over your career (start-up to multiple million dollar advanced strategies).


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arrow_right_11-20110809174217-00022Private Email Feedback

EVERY WEEK you can send Sheree an email requesting email feedback on anything that you need advice on. She can answer a specific question, give you a resource, or look at a product or service that is in development, etc.



With Love,

Sheree Keys