Coaching Program

If you are ready to start or grow your own business for the people you love, you are in the right place! 


Important Notice: I only have a few spaces left in my calendar right now. Act fast!


Hi, My name is Sheree Keys and I am the CEO of the Intuition InstituteTM and Network Building AcademyTM.

My companies teach our members/subscribers (nearing the 75,000 mark) how to transform themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. And most importantly do this while maintaining down to earth balance in our lives.

What you might not know, is over the last decade I have also been”the lady” behind-the-scenes helping presidents, founders, and CEOs of many of the successful associations, networks, institutes, and academies you see on and off the Internet!

It has been my passion to help individuals like you think bigger and make a decision to use the laws of the membership-based business model as I teach it to create a new business and a new life. And probably way more important, a new legacy for yourself and the people you love.

What I teach is NOT about just creating recurring revenue or slapping up a membership program for your solo-based business. If you do that, then you completely miss the boat because you aren’t able to get LEVERAGE and LEGACY and you don’t understand how to create and implement a global brand from the inside of your company.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about my BRAND NEW ACADEMY for Network Builders like yourself that teaches you everything you need to know to start and grow your own network!


How I Created This Program


After 14 years of coaching clients online and offline as well as 4 years of live masterminds and events, I find that the benefits included in this program are truly beneficial when supporting and holding space for soulful entrepreneurs.

This program is designed to keep your budget focused on going back into your company instead of excessive travel like some of my past masterminds. I have also kept the price affordable for you and have offered discount incentives for full-payments because I like working with fully committed people who are ready to go vs. people who are still “deciding” if they really want to be successful. There is nothing wrong with either type of person. However, my time and energy are limited and I show up fully committed when I coach a client. I’ve found when the client matches my commitment energy or at least has the intention to do so—they do really well in my programs.

I expect you to have challenges along the way and my job is to hold the space for you and walk you through them. I’ve been through EVERYTHING you can go through in business over the last 14 years. You are in wise and loving hands!


Planning Phase



One LIVE or VIRTUAL Strategic Planning Session

Meet with Sheree in her San Antonio office where she will spend 6 hours mapping out and strategically planning the next year for you. As you and Sheree work on your business, she physically maps out on giant post-it notes everything from timelines to project brainstorming to a complete to do list for you when you return home. This meeting happens right away so that you are ready to launch your website and company ASAP with the goal of hitting six-figures within 12 months. You can break the planning session up into two, three hour virtual sessions, but Sheree highly recommends the in-person meeting because you will get more out of the meeting in the same room vs. over the phone. Sheree is also well connected and having an “in-person” connection for years to come will be an asset to you and your business. Relationships are the foundation of a successful business.


Implementation Phase



Network Building Academy Curriculum ($2500 Value!)

*30 Workbooks/Videos*

Every coaching client receives the Network Building Academy Video/Workbook Self-Paced Program. This program is the foundation curriculum that Sheree will refer you to as she coaches you in this program. These 30 videos and workbooks cover everything you need to know over your career (start-up to multiple million dollar advanced strategies).



Written Business and Marketing Plan

After meeting with you for your first live day, Sheree will return home and prepare a detailed written business and marketing plan for you to implement throughout the year.



6 Strategic 45 Minute Monthly Calls

Meet with Sheree one-on-one over the phone each month for 6 months to discuss roadblocks as well as ask advice before you take that next important step in your business. Sheree will also introduce you to key people and resources that you need to be successful. If you make a full-payment for program, there are two extra emergency bonus calls for you to use at your request. In business, the mindset stuff is what will often get in your way. Sheree will be able to meet you right where your mind is at by listening intuitively to your questions and concerns.



Written Monthly Email Evaluation of Your Progress

At the end of each month, Sheree will send you a quick email letting you know what is on target and what has been overlooked as well as some ideas on how to optimize the months ahead.



Quick Private Email Feedback

Each week you can send Sheree an email requesting quick email feedback on anything that you need advice on. She can answer a specific question, give you a resource, or look at a product or service that is in development, etc.


Cost of Coaching Program & How to Apply

Accepting applications now for 2014-2015 program.

To apply and hold your spot, complete the following steps:

1) Choose a payment method below and make payment to hold spot. If your application is not approved, you will be given a full-refund within 10 days.

2) Send this application to (Allow 48 hours for us to respond)



Full Payment

$5500 – Full Payment for 2014-2015 Coaching Program*

*(Save over $482 and receive 2 extra hour long bonus coaching calls!)



$997 a Month for 6 Months (Total Cost: $5982)