Coaching Program – 2015

If you are ready to start or grow your own business network (association, institute
 or academy) for the people you love, you are in the right place! 


Hi, My name is Sheree Keys and I am the CEO of the Global Artist AcademyTM and the  Network Building AcademyTM.

My companies teach our members/subscribers (nearing the 85,000 mark) how to transform themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. And most importantly do this while maintaining down to earth balance in our lives.

What you might not know, is over the last decade I have also been ”the lady” behind-the-scenes helping presidents, founders, and CEOs of many of the successful associations, networks, institutes, and academies you see on and off the Internet!

It has been my passion to help individuals like you think bigger and make a decision to use the laws of the membership-based business model as I teach it to create a new business and a new life. And probably way more important, a new legacy for yourself and the people you love.

What I teach is NOT about just creating recurring revenue or slapping up a membership program for your solo-based business. If you do that, then you completely miss the boat because you aren’t able to get LEVERAGE and LEGACY and you don’t understand how to create and implement a global brand from the inside of your company.  There is so much to this model and the payoff is huge when you take the time to learn from someone has created and sold multiple successful networks!


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