Becoming an Expert? You ARE the Expert

By Jan Schochet

Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to become recognized as an expert in your area?

Seems like everybody is these days. Here’s a typical article telling you how: and it seems like sooo much work.

Let me shed a different light on this.

I believe you already ARE the expert you’re striving to be.

All you have to do to begin awakening your expert status is two things:

1) Realize you know more about your topic than 99% of the population. When I heard internet marketing expert Dan Kennedy say “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king,” it was a game changer for me.

It meant I truly could help people who didn’t know what I knew. You don’t need to know more than anyone in the universe to be an expert. You simply need to know more than most and you need to keep learning.

2) Claim your expert status. This is a powerful activity!

Write down your name and your business name.
Write down who your peeps are.
Write down the ONE way you help them most.
Then say this aloud:
“ I am (name) and my business is called (name). I help (your people) with (what you help them with). I am an expert at (what you help them with).

Congratulations. You have taken an important first step to being the expert in your field. Welcome. The world needs you!

Jan Schochet helps women entrepreneurs become THE go-to expert in their fields so they attract-in record numbers-their ideal clients and customers. For a free class called “7 Easy Steps to Becoming THE Go-To Expert in Your Field” click