Smart Women Client: Bookkeeper’s Referral Network

The Bookkeeper’s Referral Network (BRN) is the place where small business owners meet great bookkeepers!

Think of BRN as the “” between business owners and bookkeepers. Our matches are made based upon 6 distinct areas that are crucial to a successful working relationship.

Bookkeepers are invited to join our association where the benefits include qualified leads to businesses lookinig for their services based upon criteria they set, a monthly Ask the Expert call and much, much more. To learn more about a BRN membership go to

Business owners are invited to visit our website to learn exactly what accounting services their business requires and complete a questionnaire to find that perfect bookkeeper. Services to business owners are free of charge. Go to to learn more.



Location: 4 Daniels Farm Road #369Trumbull, CT

Phone: (866) 933-4316