Last Chance to Grab the Last Spot in the Smart Women 2011 Mastermind

Dear Smart Women,

Welcome to all the new Smart Women Members this week!  So happy to have you as part of the Smart Women Family. 🙂

Just wanted to share an amazing photo to help you visualize your 2011. It is the daughter of a dear friend, Jacqueline Hadden. When I first saw this beautiful picture, I thought was the perfect example of how we should end each of our days… and our entire year.  No matter what 2010 was like for you, end it with the grace of knowing you finished it and you didn’t quit.  I also put a quote with it that my husband sent me just this morning.  Enjoy and here is to all of the Smart Women I know and those I will meet this year…. I will see you in my mind’s eye finishing each of your days just like this (no matter how chaotic, simple, or frustrating they might be.)

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way.
Stay away from what might have been, & look at what can be.”

-Marsha Petrie Sue

Last Chance to Grab the Last Spot in the Smart Women 2011 Mastermind

My 2011 Smart Women Mastermind has room for 1 more person? Is it you? You can still join us up until Monday, Jan. 14. It includes in person and virtual group masterminding, 1on1 coaching with me, lots of infoproducts and so much more! Details and application here: and take a peek at some of the other participants here:

Sheri        McConnell

Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell 2009

The Smart Women’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Learning™

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Last Chance to Enroll in the GIA this Year

Click here to listen to CEO, Sheri McConnell’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT now or read below.

Hi Creators and Big Thinkers,

We have a BIG Announcement… this is your last chance to enroll in GIA Membership this entire year!

On May 1, we will close down GIA Membership Enrollment until we unveil our brand new 2011 programs at our big event on November 2, 3, 4.

As many of you know, I also own the Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning and it has experienced a huge growth spurt this year. Due to this growth spurt, I am revamping my priorities a bit as the CEO of both companies.

By closing down GIA enrollment the rest of the year, I will be better able to focus myself, my staff and my resources towards my all current clients at both companies and on some upcoming exciting opportunities in my professional career such as a book and media tour for my next book.

Another reason we are making this change and giving you your last chance to enter the GIA at the current membership level is because we have found over the last three years that our most successful clients are in our higher level programs. They are simply more successful because I get to spend more time with them and catch their mistakes and expand their mindsets. So for 2011, our entry level program will go up to $9,997 so we can offer the higher level of service to all of our GIA Members.

What this means for you is that if you aren’t a GIA member yet, you have until April 30th to join the GIA and take advantage of our complete Blueprint and Tool Kit Program (includes a brand new PDF “Create Stage” workbook too), join us for two monthly group Q & As, listen to our 2010 Core Curriculum calls, plus much much more! All for only $2,997 (Payment plans available).

Check out the Blueprint and Tool Kit Program and read many of our testimonials here:

Finally, to make it even easier for you to move fast and take action on this opportunity before it is gone forever, I am going to hold a special “Jumpstart Q & A Live Session” for the next twenty new members so you can get my help right away.

I know you will have questions, we love them and ask that you send them to and my team will get back to you ASAP.

To your success,

Sheri     McConnell

Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell 2009

March 31st – New TeleSeminar for Big Thinkers

Why Creating A Network
(Association, Alliance, or Institute)
Your Service-Based Business

Date: March 31, 2010 This call has ended, but you can still register to receive the recording.

Time: Noon (Pacific), 1 pm (Mountain), 2 pm (Central), 3 pm (Eastern)

Join Sheri McConnell, CEO of two global networks, on this brand new call where she zeros in on the reasons the membership-based business model is EASIER and SMARTER than almost all business models that exist. Sheri has been running associations and institutes for over 10 years while raising her four children ages 15 to 4. Sheri’s passion is helping women use smart business models so they have security, more time, and freedom. Ready to play bigger and get bigger results? Oh, and by the way, playing bigger does NOT mean playing harder.

Call in and listen live as Sheri shares:

  • Why your business model (service-based) is more complicated and takes far longer to get off the ground than the membership-based business model (Using Sheri’s method!)
  • The 5 “laws” of the membership-based business (not talking about continuity either–she will explain) that allow you to attract members, partners, and opportunities faster than all other business models
  • The “business strategy” that allows you to comfortably reach six-figures (and much more!) in first 12 months of operating your business
  • Why CONTENT should never be the reason members join
  • The 5 Secrets to Growing Your Membership Fast
  • And much more!

Register Now!