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First of all, a great big Welcome to all of our new Smart Women Members this week!  We just went over 12,000 earlier today on the Facebook Fan Page. If you haven’t had a chance to join the fun there yet, you can do so at:

And a big thank you to all of the wonderful women that attended my small Create Your Own Network Workshop this last Tuesday. Here is a picture of all of us below. These women were truly amazing and we had a blissful day thinking big and creating brand new purpose driven organizations!

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Our newsletters will be back next week (along with a brand new website launch for our Smart Women’s Business Conference and Expo), but I did want to take a quick moment to remind you about the most important deadline I have for you this year over at the Global Institute of Associations.

Notice to the Big Thinking Smart Women Out There, This is Last Chance to Enroll in a GIA Program This Year

On May 1, we will close down GIA Membership Enrollment until we unveil our brand new 2011 programs at our big event on November 2, 3, 4. Due to the growth spurt of this company, I am revamping my priorities a bit as the CEO of the GIA. By closing down GIA enrollment the rest of the year, I will be better able to focus myself, my staff and my resources towards my all current clients at both companies and on some upcoming exciting opportunities in my professional career such as a book and media tour for my next book.

What this means for you is that if you someone who want start or build your own network this year, you have until April 30th to take advantage of our complete Blueprint and Tool Kit Program (includes a brand new PDF “Create Stage” workbook too), join us for two monthly group Q & As, listen to our 2010 Core Curriculum calls, plus much much more! All for only $2,997 (Payment plans available).

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Check out the Blueprint and Tool Kit Program and read many of our testimonials here:

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Have questions?

Join us on Tuesday, April 27th at 11 am (Central) for a Last Chance Q&A Call and personally ask me any of the burning questions you have about starting your own network!

Call in number: 800-662-6992
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Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell 2009

Accomplishing Your Dreams Requires Balance

Achieving balance in our lives is accomplished by saying no when we need to and learning to set priorities. And we cannot achieve balance without understanding what our particular needs are. Balance is different for everyone. It means that you have identified your priorities and have not overextended yourself. Balance means you are aware of the dangers of burnout. Balance means that when asked the question, “Are you happy?” you can answer yes.

The following are 4 core values I use to live a balanced life and achieve my dreams easier.

One–No Guilt Allowed

One of the biggest struggles for women today is learning to say no without guilt. One of the core values I teach my coaching clients is to adopt this new rule into their lives called—No Guild Allowed. Guilt can hold you back from many of the goals you want to accomplish if you let it. Guilt doesn’t make you a better mother, or employee, or even more fit. Most of us know this, yet we still allow ourselves to fester in guilt. Guilt actually creates an imbalance in your life because you are left with feelings of inadequacy.

From now on when guilt creeps into your life—take action by noticing that the emotion is present and replace it with positive choices or joy as quickly as you can. As you retrain yourself to purge guilt, you will notice how much easier it is to move forward and accomplish your goals.

Two–Embrace Positive Choices

The art of positive choices helps you to create the life you want. Positive choices help you to discover what truly makes you happy and realign your priorities. Life is a series of additions and subtractions. You control the calculator.
~ Gail McMeekin ~

Another core value that allows you to achieve balance in your life is being able to make positive choices. What are positive choices—these are choices that propel you forward… they benefit your mind, your body, and your soul. These choices allow you to feel productive and focused because they are in alignment with what you really want to do on a daily basis. And remember—how we live our days is indeed how we live our lives.

Three–Cultivating Moments of Pure Joy

The worst sin—perhaps the only sin—passion can commit, is to be joyless.
~ Dorothy Sayers ~

One of the best things I personally ever did was follow my heart when EVERYONE else thought I was crazy. The first time I did this—I was scared, but at the time I was so miserable, I didn’t really feel like I had a choice. From that experience I learned to trust my gut and I learned that to follow my dreams meant that I was the architect of my life and that it was actually up to me to cultivate moments of pure joy in my life. For me-that means I spend most of my time either with my kids having fun or I am in the process of creating. Creating—for me is writing or decorating. To follow your dreams—you will have to take giant leaps and be willing to get your hands dirty before you learn how to cultivate a life full of joy.

Four–Practice Conscious Living

Another core value that will help you achieve balance is to practice conscious living. People who achieve their dreams do it with a plan. They may start out simply doing something they are passionate about, but eventually to achieve substantial results, they had to sit down and map out a plan. They made changes in their lives and began to live in a very conscious way. They began to pay attention to what they said yes and no to. They began to choose how they reacted to negative people and situations. They began to consciously choose to surround themselves with other people who had fun accomplishing their dreams. They decided to be disciplined about their choices and they also chose to consciously enjoy every moment they could going forward.

From this day forward, begin to practice conscious living—make sure you aren’t on autopilot. How do you know if you are on autopilot? Sometimes making excuses or blaming others can be a sign that you are living your life on autopilot. Sometimes situations in our lives or behaviors we have learned from our childhood can be the reason we don’t know how to live life in a conscious way. One of my favorite phrases ever is “You do better when you know better.” Don’t look back, just look forward. And don’t wait another day to get busy living life in a way that feels joyful to you.

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