Smart Women Client: Global Institute of Visionary Executives

About the Global Institute of Visionary Executives

The goal of the Global Institute of Visionary Executives is to empower thought leaders to attain their own brand of success they seek in all areas of their lives.  We are a community supporting each other to grow and evolve – through consciousness, commitment, communication and collaboration. We are offering a new way to connect to other Visionaries, Creators and Big thinkers. We believe when you bring together the synergy of your purpose, passion and business profits in your own unique way, you step into your true power and are an example to others to empower their own lives.  As you change and grow, you open new doors of opportunity for yourself and the world!

About the President – Carrie Strathman Jacobs

Carrie Strathman Jacobs is fast becoming the champion of Visionary Executives in every stage of growth and transition.

As an Executive Coach and Personal Development Consultant, Carrie brings to the table her 30 years experience in personal and organizational development, training and coaching. She specializes in reconnecting individuals with their unique spirit to create new, strategic ways of building and sustaining an individual’s own unique brand of success.  Carrie has consulted with multiple government organizations, national corporations and small business owners, guiding their leaders to create strong business practices for sustainable growth.  She is excited to have supported multiple executives to create smooth and elegant growth and transformation for themselves and their teams.

Under the Global Institute of Visionary Executives umbrella, members can enroll in annual programs ranging from $197 a year to $20,000.  Carrie’s goal is to create an environment of original thinking, personal and financial consciousness and independence, and global transformation.



Carrie Strathman Jacobs

Global Institute of Visionary Executives

11835 Roe, 204

Leawood, KS 66211

(913) 706-9453