Free Opportunity to Be A Case Study In My Next Book Plus More Opportunities

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Even though I am officially in summer mode, there is still a lot going on under the umbrella of

(By the way and totally off topic… did you see we have a real live office these days?!)

Anyway, the reason I am writing is because I wanted you to know about a few opportunities that are happening right now that I wanted you to know about. 

1) If you are running an association, network, institute, or academy… I am gearing up to interview YOU for a case study for my next book. Email with any questions you have about the book and to let us know you are interested. Being in this book will be huge for your business because thousands and thousands of people download my free PDF versions of my books each year and purchase them in print on Amazon. This book will be in PDF format for free at my company, Network Building Academy and then at Amazon too.


2) Starting very soon (probably by end of July), I will be closing down my Sweet Spot Coaching Program forever. Check out both of the current programs at the link below. I only have room for a few more clients right now in my schedule. There will be a big launch in Fall for the Quantum Leap Program since most of my current clients will transition into another program with me or move on to coach with another mentor, etc. at the end of the year. Here are the details in case you want to take advantage of the Sweet Spot opportunity. AND it really is a Sweet Spot opportunity as I was only able to offer it this one year. It is affordable for everyone that is building a bus iness and I am really amazing at what I do – that is the Sweet Spot for sure! I change peoples lives forever. And I am grateful for my gifts of course. But I do need to change things up again for next year because of new opportunities coming my way. And I only coach/consult one day a week so there is always limited space in my schedule for real live people. I tend to have anywhere from 12 – 20 high-level clients a year. If you interested in the details, applications are here: (Feel free to send my assistant an email to set up a 20 minute “get to know each other” meeting if you would like. You must send in the application first though so I can learn about you before we get on phone.)

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The Three M’s and Why No One Talks About One of Them

With all my customers/clients, I focus on teaching them/supporting them with the three M’s.

Mindsets, Marketing, and Models (as in Business Models).

You see a lot out there on Mindsets and Marketing but hardly anything on Business Models.

People just naturally gravitate to the service-based business model because they don’t know any better or they aren’t exposed to anything else. And honestly the service-based business model is the kiss of death as an entrepreneur.

It is just creating JOB where you now work more hours without health insurance!!

I don’t see a lot of people being honest about this with their clients, perhaps because some of them haven’t even realized it themselves.

If you want to learn more or see how my company helps people in these areas, here are some free books and paid programs and services below that hold the space for you should you want to learn more about the M’s or even delegate them.


1) MODELS Free book on Membership Based-Biz Model ( -it is in the header)… there is also a full 30 Video program that teaches the three M’s and so so much more here.

2) MINDSETS If you struggle with your mindsets (who doesn’t? And you can’t afford a coach this year, then take my very popular Mindset course.

3) MARKETING If you already have a business but for love of all that is business, you can’t consistently market what you created, then it is time to delegate it:

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Magical Mindsets, Miracles and Manifesting eCourse – Launch Price

Hello Beautiful Souls!
I am so excited to invite you to hang out with me for the next year and let me “talk” to you each month and completely transform the way you think, act, and manifest miracles in your life.
Thousands of people write me and my staff each year telling us that they love the amazing programs and companies I create and that they want to learn “my secrets”.  Then many of them share that unfortunately my coaching programs (ranging from $2500 to $12,000 right now) are out of their current budget.   
The thing is that your current budget is a symptom of your mindsets and your inability to manifest little and big miracles each day in your life.  I know if you can just think differently (using my magical mindsets!), you can learn how to create a life of your dreams!

So I decided to put a monthly virtual group coaching program together for ANY BUDGET that holds the space for MIRACLES for YOU!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.15.05 PM


How to Discover Your Passion & Make It Your Work by Sheree Keys


First of all. Let’s redefine work. Or should I say “passionate work”… From now on, I want you to seek work that fulfills you and allows you to live your passion. Because when you do, you will feel more alive and attract more abundance than you ever have in the JOB that you do just for the money.

So now that we have redefined work, I want to leave you with a step-by-step plan (and a back-up plan of sorts) because as you know… change doesn’t happen over night. It can happen really fast though the more you listen to the intuitive yearnings.

Step One – Identify Your Dream

Write out your dream. Can be short or long… but it has to make you be so excited that you are willing to lose sleep over it and you forget to eat! Not that I want you to do that all the time… I just want you to be that excited. 


“My current next dream is to have my own yoga/painting studio.”

Step Two – Visualize Your Success

Write out what this dream will look like. The more specific the details, the better.


“The name of my studio is Global Art Academy. My studio will have enough space to hold large classes of at least thirty people at a time. The space will be comfortable and beautiful. There will always be free fruit and fruit/mint infused water similar to the spa experience. I will hold daily/weekly classes for the public as well as train emerging professionals. I will also hold gallery exhibits for emerging and professional artists.”

Step Three – Move in the Direction of Your Dream

Take a concrete step towards the dream. Big or small. Doesn’t matter. Congratulate yourself!


“I trademarked company name and have delegated the logo design. I am currently taking yoga certification and I am painting regularly as well as taking online art classes too.

Step Four – Turn Your Concerns Over to God

This is the most important step. And you may need to do this step daily. All the doubts that pop up… say a little prayer to God about them and then let the doubts go.


“I will never be able to do a headstand or remember all this chanting! How on earth am I going to teach yoga!”

“God… I know you will help me improve each day and learn everything I need to be and do so I can inspire others in my yoga classes.”

Step Five – Follow the Guidance You Receive

Follow the divine guidance you receive… remember, these often come in the form of A HA’s and Downloads. They tend to be whispers, not shouts. So pay attention and move slowly through life when possible.

You will also know you are receiving divine guidance if you have a sense of calmness and certainty that at least the next step is a good direction. Not saying the rest of the steps (especially the unknown ones!) won’t give you a little anxiety—they might. But the next step is exciting and you are ready.

Intuitive divine guidance tends to be repetitive also… have you received this guidance before in your life?

And finally, opportunities will begin to flow in and open up for you when you are experiencing divine guidance.

Step Six – Surrender & Trust

Mama said there would be days like this. Remember to keep all the channels open (refer back to previous lessons) and to use all the “brains” in your body (head, heart, and gut) to help guide you along this very important journey.


“I am total student right now in all that I seek to teach down the road. That’s ok… I am in this for the transformational journey and I am ready to be molded no matter how uncomfortable this gets. I’ve been the student before and I accomplished so much by surrendering and trusting while in the rabbit hole!”

Step Seven – Appreciate and Enjoy the Life You Have

“I call gratitude the beginning and the end, because it is the most powerful way to start everything and the most humble way to end anything. Gratitude expressed for the things you have and the people you love informs the universe about what you desire to keep and what you want to bring into your life.”

– Kaarin Alisa

Kaarin says it perfectly I think. So every time you access your intuitive voice (we will talk more about accessing intuition in lesson 10) give heartfelt thanks for its presence in your life. Simply thinking or saying the following will do the trick. “Thank you God for bringing clear intuition into my life.”

Finally, it is also important to be grateful not just for your own voice, but also for the intuitive voices of others. Every time someone gives you advice and you hear the voice of intuitive wisdom expressed, thank them for the help.


This article was excerpted from Sheree Keys program, Intuition 365 at You may share this article as long as this paragraph is run with article. 

5 Reasons You Should Think About Publishing A Co-Author Book

Hello Divine Creators,

How are you? I hope you are doing wonderful!

Since we are about to close down registration on our new course Co-Author Book Publishing Secrets and I know how busy you are… I thought I would share “5 Reasons You Should Think About Publishing A Co-Author Book” because who doesn’t love a list!


Reason One – You Want to Network & Build Life-Long Relationships With Other Professionals

One of the best parts of publishing 4 co-author books (over 120 authors!) has been the professional relationships that developed. Make sure you read the bottom of this page to see what I am taking about.

Reason Two – You Would Love to Have Other Amazing Souls Out In The World Marketing You and Your Brand

When I teach people how to build a network of over 80,000 people online, I always tell them about my little marketing angels-my books!  And co-author books are books on steroids because the marketing power is exponential compared to when I am publishing one of my books where I am the only author.

Reason Three – You Would Love to Manifest Money (95% of it Profits!) On A Project At Least Six Months Before The Project Needs To Be Completed & Expenses Incurred

These co-author projects are no-brainers when it comes to the numbers.  It costs me next to nothing to produce them and put them out into the world and people pay me thousands of dollars months before we publish to be in the book. I can’t think of a better project business model… can you?

Reason Four – You Love The Power of the Written Word & How It Can Inspire & Change Lives for Decades

One of my favorite stages of the entire process is reading and editing the chapters that the authors write on topics I chose that were close to my heart. When I went through a divorce… I worked on a book called Embracing Transitions. When I saw that we were leaving the Information Age and entering the Spiritual Age, I worked on a co-author book project called Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age. Being able to make big profits with these books is just part of the reward. Changing lives indefinitely is a much bigger reward.

Reason Five – You Would Like to Leverage A Group of Promoters to Create a #1 Best Selling Book in Multiple Countries

And finally, it goes without saying, there are only a small percentage of people in the world who can say that they have a #1 best selling book under their belt or that they have been in a #1 best selling book series. Talk about a resume booster. With these co-author books, you have a chance at making this happen not only for yourself, but for all the authors too.



If you haven’t checked out Co-Author Book Publishing Secrets course yet… you should before we are completely full-we estimate about 5 more days before we are full


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Sheree Keys


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