Another Hot Time Saver for Busy Smart Women

Another Hot Time Saver for Busy Smart Women
By Jan Schochet

The number one complaint I hear from women is “I’m in overwhelm. I have so much to do.”

I’ve found a lot of help out there in the interwebs via apps and programs. Today I’m going to share one of my favorites with you.

Clarify will show you how you can make documents that include images, including screen shots, to describe a step-by-step process.

How many times have you tried to explain to someone online, “This is what I see, but I need for it to look different”? Or “I need it to be different.” Or “And this is my vision.”

It’s useful for communicating with team members like your VA, your designer, your tech person or when you run into problems with software and you can’t really explain it on the phone to the helpline.

With Clarify, you can simply and easily create a document that shows exactly what you’re seeing and explain what isn’t working for you, or you can say what is working or give instructions.

The Clarify website explains it like this:
“Clarify has one important difference that sets it apart from other screen capture applications. When you capture images you aren’t just saving individual image files, you are creating a document. Each image you capture becomes a Step in your document. You can reorder, insert or delete steps as you create your communication.”

You could use Clarify to give any kind of instructions all in one step-by-step document with screenshots, images, photos and your detailed text.

It’s great to show any kind of workflow that’s difficult to describe verbally. Or maybe even show how to knit a project or cook a dish.

Check it out at and try the 14-day free trial.

Try if for free and be sure to let us know how you’re using it!

Jan Schochet, founder and CEO of Work Vibrant, LLC, helps busy women entrepreneurs be heard, be hired and skyrocket their business to success. She’s the creator of the upcoming “Be Heard, Be Hired Online Summit” which you’ll find out about first if you sign up for her weekly eZine at