Smart Women Member Bonus Call: PR Secrets

Smart Women Member Bonus Call

“PR Secrets: How to get on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines to Skyrocket Your Business and Become a Star”

August 17th at 2 pm CST

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Stacey Johnes, and Regina Novickis, co-owners of Media Tonic and PR Takeoff, will share with you the secrets they have learned from working with hundreds of companies ranging from global brands and celebrity experts, to emerging start-ups.

On this call you will learn:

  • How to tell if you and your business ARE PR-worthy. (Hint – if you’re not, you’ll learn how to become so)
  • How doing PR can be as simple as hitting “send” on an email
  • The easy steps to determine what’s most newsworthy about you and your business to best position yourself for maximum attention from the media
  • Three simple ways to leverage your PR results to grow your list and your business

Join Today to listen to this call next week and get lots of cool stuff!

The ABC’s on Creating a Back-to-School PR Campaign

The ABC’s on Creating a Back-to-School PR Campaign
by Stacey and Regina (Smart Women Institute Faculty Members)

In the midst of summer vacation, it may seem difficult to turn attention to the fall. However, now is the time to begin planning PR campaigns related to back-to-school stories. Most newspapers, television, radio and online outlets will begin back-to-school coverage as early as August.

As always, journalists are looking for new ways to cover an “old” topic. This can include a vast array of experts and products, including fashion trends; supplies; food and nutrition; technology; organization; after-school programs; online safety; street safety; school-life balance; and more. Leverage this seasonal opportunity by finding a way to insert your expertise or product into the story.

In order to ensure that you “make the grade,” keep the following steps in mind as you develop your campaign:

A: Advance Planning – Most of us have had to cram for an exam at some point in our lives, but avoid compromising your results in your PR campaign by allowing yourself sufficient time to plan your campaign and put it into action. Give yourself at least a month to develop any ideas, promotions, press materials and/or partnerships; and then several weeks to pitch your story to the press.

B: Broadcast Your Message – Once you’ve planned your campaign, it’s time to get it out to the world. Pitch newspapers, radio, TV and online outlets (as appropriate for your goals and objectives) to broadcast your message.

C: Collect Coverage – Always make sure to gather any clippings or appearances you’ve done. These can be leveraged for years to come in both your online and offline efforts. Take your traditional press and utilize it to further expand your business opportunities.

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