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Dear Smart Women,

Welcome to all the new Smart Women Members this week! So happy to have you as part of the Smart Women Family.

I am so excited for my close friend Lisa Sasevich! She is the sole “female” owner of her business and was just ranked #169 in the INC 500. I am so proud of her and wanted to make sure I share her success with you this week. I learned a lot from her in 2009 when she and I were in the same six-figure coaching program… and I couldn’t be happier to see her accomplish this monumental goal. Make sure you click on the her name above and watch the video and enjoy her success as a woman business owner.  Her achievement is really an achievement for all sole-owned female businesses when you think about it because it paves the road of possibilities for all business women.

Want to Audit Our Most Popular Course?

Our Create A Network Fast Track Program is now full.  This course is now full… HOWEVER you can contact our team at if you would like details on how to AUDIT this class. Remember this is the last time Sheri will ever teach this information.


Big hugs to all,

Sheri McConnell

Sheri Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker
Smart Women’s Institute, Inc.

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Why success depends on getting out of your own way…

Dear Smart Woman,

I know you’ve heard it all before. Everyone wants it. And there are a lot of recipes out there for getting it.

It’s the formula for:

  • going from surviving to thriving
  • having all the money you need
  • spending quality time with your loved ones
  • tailoring your business to fit you and your lifestyle
  • making a difference at home, in business and beyond
  • taking the best possible care of YOU all the time
  • and it’s all summed up in four simple, yet powerful words.


Can’t wait? Enroll now as space is limited in our Fast Track Create a Network Program: Brand New ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ Training and Coaching Program!

Sounds easy, right? There are certainly a lot of opportunities out there to learn how. Maybe you’ve tried some but they haven’t worked.

So you sit back and scratch your head and think…

What am I not getting? Am I that unteachable? Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

Trust me. It’s none of those things.

Having a passion for what you do is of course, critical. And understanding how to capitalize on your expertise and leverage your time the right way is also important.

Hmmm, so why do things still go bust?

Well, the culprit is that niggly little voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you that want you want is not possible, for whatever reason, whether it be old and tired money stories from your past or other stories you are telling yourself about why you can’t be successful (aka, getting in your own way).

Like I said. I know you’ve heard this before. Anyone who is striving for personal growth has heard this stuff. Maybe thousands of times over.

But you only really get it when the message finally makes the journey from your head to your heart – that it truly is possible. And there is no right or wrong time for this to happen. When it does, you’re heart will sing and you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and then everything will fall into place.

Then you’ll be truly ready to create and grow an incredibly amazing business out of your heart’s passion and your soul’s drive to share your love with other women. What could be better?!

My passion and expertise lies in showing you how because I KNOW from the inside out what women need to move beyond emotional limitations to be successful in the business world.

That’s what building a LEVERAGABLE and LEGACY globally-branded network membership-based business is all about.

And the good news is, it’s OK if your head-to-heart journey hasn’t yet been made yet (or it‘s still in progress, because it is all the time, isn‘t it?), because you will make that journey in this program, and the results will stick!

OK, I’m stoked, Sheri. Sign me up RIGHT NOW for the Fast-Track Create a Network Program!

In fact, one of the key components to the program that I teach in the very first module is all about learning how to release and let go over and over again so you can move faster.

THAT is the key. Letting go of whatever is standing in your way allows you the mental and emotional freedom to be open to all possibilities and put your energies in the right place.

You see, what I teach is NOT about just creating recurring revenue or slapping up a membership program for your solo-based business.

It’s about helping you:

  • make the spiritual AND practical journey to success
  • get front and center in front of the women who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.
  • create regular, sustainable income year after year WHILE YOU WORK LESS and enjoy life more while feeling blessed (I think I just coined a new term – work less while feeling blessed!).

It’s about sharing your passion in a way that will change every single woman in your membership community who will pay it forward in their own lives (I get goosebumps just thinking about it!).

And it’s about making the space for YOU so you never fall to the bottom of the care-giving list again no matter how successful you become (I know because I’ve raised four kids while building my 7-figure business and found a way to do it!)

Ready to jump in with an open heart and mind? Grab your place now as space is limited in the Fast-Track Create a Network Program. If you are truly ready to take a leap of faith in YOURSELF and be open to getting out of your own way, I welcome you with open arms!

Register here and I’ll “see” you on the other side where we‘ll start spending five awesome months together learning, sharing and building the business and life you‘ve always wanted.



Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell – CEO, Author, Speaker
Smart Women’s InstituteTM

Sheri McConnell 2009


P.S. We only open enrollment for this program just twice a year. The first training class starts in July and space is only open for 15 in each room. Grab your spot BEFORE the end of June to ensure you’re in for the next 5 months!

Why You Aren’t Living Your Dreams

Dear Smart Women,

Welcome to all the new Smart Women Members this week! So happy to have you as part of the Smart Women Family.

I had a magical Q & A call on Monday with all the clients who were in my last coaching program, it was our last call. (New program starts in July-see below).

One of the participant’s questions led me to speaking for about 10 minutes on why people aren’t living their dreams. People (I can generalize and say people because I am speaking for over 90% of the population when I say this unfortunately) aren’t living their dreams because it is uncomfortable to be aware and be in the moment where our growth is concerned. It is uncomfortable to be in the NOW for many people about their growth or lack of it because when they are, they don’t often like where they are at.  What I teach is to embrace the NOW no matter where you are at and BE grateful right where you are. Easier said than done.  And none of us, including me, can do this work alone.

Here are just a few ways you are Getting In Your Own Way and also consequently the same reason You Aren’t Living Your Dreams:

  • You have negative feelings about the past and your past choices
  • You have negative feelings about the present
  • You blame your current situation on others
  • You don’t take time to sleep well, eat well, and love well
  • You think you are SUPERWOMAN and are trying to be perfect

How Can You Clear These Behaviors, Feelings and Mindsets?

Because we all need help to grow and live our lives on purpose, I included over 15 hours of brand new live training in our next program. I absolutely can’t wait to help you live your dreams and love your NOW.  Learn all the details below:



Our Next Session is from JULY through NOVEMBER 2012
Open Enrollment Throughout June or until each “Room” is Full

Includes Complete Home-Study Program, Workbooks & Handouts

This is a unique program designed to fit your needs with 4 different “rooms” and a limited number of 15 spaces in each room. And the price fits your needs too!!

And if you have been in any of my previous programs, this is for you too! I developed over 20 hours of training curriculum that focuses right in on where you are getting in your own way.  You have the potential to tap into a universe full of unlimited possibilities and the thing is, you need someone like me to hold that space for you in a gentle and firm way.  And, here’s the thing that people find so hard to believe – Success is so easy!  Is it hard for you right now? Yes, then that is because you are in your own way.  Take a peek at the training, the tools, the maps, and more NOW at:

Big hugs to all,

Sheri McConnell

Sheri Keys McConnell – CEO, Author, Speaker
Smart Women’s Institute, Inc.

Sheri McConnell 2009


Make sure you listen to “Change How Your Work Is Received By Changing Your BP (Brand Positioning)”

Audio is available to listen to right now in the Recommends section below and so so good!  Enjoy!

NOTE: The Summer Surprise Promo in this audio is no longer available. Current Program is at 

5 Tips for Living In the Space Between Dreams & Reality & Why You Should by Sheri McConnell

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams & reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.” – Belva Davis

I absolutely adore this quote. I feel myself expand each time I read it.  When I found it earlier this year, I realized I’ve grown accustomed to living in this place.  I’ve been practicing awareness and shifting and walking back and forth on the bridge between dreams and reality in bigger way for over a decade now.  And from the outside, I am sure you can tell because so many dreams have been fulfilled. So I’d like to share a few ways you can create a life that allows you to live in this electrifying (and sometimes scary!) fulfilling space.

Always Have More Than One Dream At A Time

The best way I know how to deal with the length of time it takes to reach some of our dreams is to have multiple dreams at one time.  Write them down so they become physical on paper and anchored in the universe and that is the first step to making them become a reality.

Be Careful Who Your Smart Five Are


You’ve all heard how we do anything is how we do everything.  And one of the best ways we can do things better is to be extremely conscious of who we spend time with.  I call it my Smart Five.  Who are the five people you spend the most time with?  Are they positive people?  Are they supportive?  I know how hard it is to truly look at this area of your life.  I get it.  I let go of a bi-polar mother and walked away from an abusive marriage in order to protect the dreams and future reality of my children and myself.  If you feel like it is time for some restructuring in this area, shift gracefully by putting up boundaries that allow you to have some empty space so you can manifest healthier people into your life.

Be Aware of Relationship Flow


Back when I was independent and loved everything in my life to be perfect, I suffered.  Then I discovered the power of being interdependent and the beauty of flowing relationships. These are relationships that allow you to give without fear of not ever receiving. Helping other people make their dreams a reality is an interdependent way to live.  Being in relationship flow with the entire universe (and the people in it) means that you know if you really need anything, it will come to you when it is supposed to or not at all.

Feed Yourself Along the Journey


Living in the space between dreams and reality requires lots of energy.  So feed yourself knowledge (the mind), real food from the earth (the body), and find something creative to do that makes time disappear (the soul).  This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t dream. They simply don’t have the energy to.

Let Yourself Shift for Higher Value

There is no way that dreams can ever become reality if we aren’t willing to let go of what is lesser value in our current lives.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t still love them and that we didn’t grow from having them in our lives.  It just means that sometimes to make space for higher value in our lives, there are activities and people that must be let go.

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