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Dear Smart Women,

Welcome to all the new Smart Women Members this week! So happy to have you as part of the Smart Women Family.

My word for this month is definitely “transition”. First, just finished compiling the latest Smart Women SeriesTM book on transition, can’t wait to launch it and get it in your hands. It is 20 chapters of powerful, healing stories that really address why we get in our own way and how not to. You will love it.

Second and third, my ex and I are still navigating our way through being co-parents after divorce and at the same time my dad is in the hospital. Talk about transitions. Life is that way though isn’t it. I know that anything I am going through I can handle even if when the sun sets sometimes I still wonder to myself if I can. That is why wine was invented. 😉 But the light shines the next day in the form of friends and loved ones that show up because that is the thing about transitions…. they allow you to clear the space physically and energetically and make room for the healing and for people (some of them new) to step up and connect with you in more authentic ways. If you want to, you can become a much better person than you were before. It all depends on how you use the transition to heal and grow.

Your Smart Woman Homework This Week:

Journal about a transition you went through or are going through (like me!). How did you handle it? Were you able to focus on the light or did you cycle through negativity instead? If you feel like you could still heal a bit more around the transition then take a moment to journal about what went well and what is going well now. And I PROMISE there are things going well. You may need someone else to hold the space for you to point it out. Take a moment and document what wisdom you gained throughout the transition. In my opinion, pain either turns into wisdom or bitterness. You choose..

Big hugs until next week,

Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell

Sheri McConnell 2009

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