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–How to use a #1 Bestseller book as a little marketing angel–

Take Relationship Building for instance – people are able to get to know me, like me, and trust me in just a few hours and learn my story and relate to me through a book.

If I were to have this conversation one-on-one, I couldn’t work enough hours to reach as many people as my books do. And even with speaking to hundreds on stage at a time which I love… non-fiction books to me are still the best tool to get to know many people at once.

–How we are able to reach #1 status with our co-authored books when solo-authors often can’t–

What we are able to do with co-authored books is to tap into many people’s networks (we’ve had co-author books ranging from 30 to 50 authors) who are on board and committed to promoting because there is something in it for them… they all want the book to be successful.


You promote your book alone and even if you have 10 really solid partners, the best you will get out of them is one good promotion… whereas a co-authored book, the authors will promote endlessly to whoever they can during the initial launch and beyond.

Once you get #1 Bestseller or International Bestseller status, no one can take it away from you!

–Why co-authoring is a great option BEFORE you solo-publish–

Already being a bestseller going into your solo-published book is so much easier!

1st – Partners are more likely to partner with you during promotion when you already have #1 status (I teach you how to promote your book by the way in our free training program that is included when you co-author with us)

2nd – Securing a traditional publishing contract is much easier with prior publishing experience… you will see a number of very successful women on our publishing page that were in our previous co-authored books and went on to secure major publishing contracts.

You can see them here:

–What publishing opportunities you have for early 2014 if you act quickly–

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Weekly Transformation – The Writing Is On The Wall (Is Yours In Black & White or In Color?)

Hello Beautiful Souls,

How are you?  I know it has been a few weeks since our last weekly transformational update… as you know by your inbox, we were really busy enrolling new Letting Go Project Certified Coaches during our initial enrollment phase. It is so exciting to see so many people around the world decide to take the next step and help the world heal! 

We’ve also completely revamped how we will be publishing our next Letting Go Book in the book series. Want to be a co-author in it? You can attend a new free teleseminar and learn why we revamped our process and how authoring & co-authoring books has helped me take my companies to 7 figures over the years and more here.  I’ll be giving everyone who is on live call a handout called “Sheree’s Success Strategies” too.

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Creative Inspiration for the Week


“Not only is the writing on the wall, it is painted in vibrant colors that call you in and tell you it is time to transform!” – Sheree Keys

Shutting Your Eyes In Order To See

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Are you dealing with negative people from your past who just won’t go away? Trying to cut those cords? Here is how to Let Them Go… First, understand that these negative “stalkers” need to “watch” because that is how they learn their lessons. Sure they project and blame… your job is to stand strong. So just be the amazing teacher, guide, goddess (or god) you are. They are watching because you are rocking a much higher vibration. (The book Many Lives, Many Masters even discusses that they’ve probably watched you in a past life too…)

Now on the flip side, if you do let them bother you… it drains your energy. Then it becomes about your lessons. Just send them LOVE. And when there are days that you struggle with finding the love to give… call on your friends and ask them to send love to them for you. It works, I promise! Learn more Letting Go strategies in our Letting Go Project.


Creative Inspiration for the Week

“I shut my eyes in order to see.” – Paul Gauguin


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Why Breaking Down Is Good

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Did you know that the breaking down of anything (including a government) is a great thing!

It means that people will have to reinvent, recreate, or rebuild that which isn’t working.

Eventually that always allows for something better to emerge.

Breaking down good in order to achieve great is really the only way to thrive in business.  

Now in life, you could certainly survive with just good… but I’ve never been able to live with just good. And who wants to just survive anyway?

My heart yearns for the full brilliance life has to offer and I am often (sometimes painfully) nudged in that direction until I open my wings and finally let myself fly.

How about you?

Are you flying these days or are you settling with good or dare I say, even bad because you are afraid of change?


Creative Inspiration for the Week

The breaking down of anything (including a government) is a great thing! It means that people will have to reinvent, recreate, or rebuild that which isn’t working anyway. Eventually that always allows for something better to emerge. – Sheree Keys


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Your Judgements No Longer Hold Power Over Me

Hello Beautiful Souls!

How is your week going? I will be celebrating another 40-ish birthday tomorrow. I love being “ish-y” about things like age, beauty, knowledge and well all things that are external. What matters is how we love others on this planet each day.  

As many of you know, we started a very successful program called the Letting Go Project last May.  After having hundreds of people take it and give us feedback, I realize even more how “holding on” absolutely prevents us from the core of what we are here to do.  The more I “let go”, the more I am able to love in a deeper way.  It is truly a beautiful and yes, even sometimes a hard-ish journey too.  But it is so worth it to help people become more aware and let go of all the mindsets and physical things that have been holding them back.  


Creative Inspiration for the Week

And the voice within said: “You and your judgements no longer hold power over me. I forgive you for not loving yourself enough to see the beauty in me and all that I am. I let you and everything you think about me go forever. I send love and light so you can love yourself more, forgive yourself always and start seeing the beauty in all the people that you judge.” – Sheree Keys


Supporting You-One Transformation At A Time,